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Harmful Mold Exposure – Poisoning

How Much Mold Exposure / Poisoning Is Harmful? Facts You Need to Know about Mold Growth Mold growth is very common in buildings and homes. And if you’re not careful your exposure to it can cause some serious long-term medical problems. But how much mold exposure is...

Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Symptoms of Mold Sickness: Do not Lose Part of Your Lung Imagine, for a moment, that it is 6 months from today. You are in the doctor's office and he tells you that unfortunately, the symptoms of your mold sickness have steadily gotten worse. You have double...

Is Mold Dangerous to Live With?

Have you recently suffered with irritation in your eyes, nose, or throat? Or, have your chronic conditions, like asthma, have worsened? If so, the cause could be mold, and living with mold in your home can be dangerous. Where Does Mold Grow? Mold is all around us and...

Evaluating The Mold Risk In Your Home

Four Ways of Assessing the Risk of Mold in Your Home Mold is an essential organism for the survival of our planet. Its function is to facilitate the decomposing process of organic waste, and it’s a vital part of the waste disposal system in nature. It is only when...

What to Expect From a Lead-Based Paint Inspection

You might require a lead-based paint inspection if your household was constructed before 1978 Paint never lasts forever, and homes constructed before 1978 most certainly have lead-based paint residue. There’s a high chance that regardless if your home was recently...

Does the Home You’re Buying Have Asbestos? What You Need to Know

Here Is What You Need To Know If You Are Buying A Property That Contains Asbestos Buying a home that contains asbestos can sometimes be a huge gamble, especially if you are purchasing an older home as it is harder to tell if the property contains asbestos in it....

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