Plano, TX Environmental Management Services

With over 10 years of experience, Precision Environmental Services is dedicated to delivering to our customers in Plano, TX with a safe and healthy environment. We pride ourselves in providing sound environmental consulting (including air monitoring and asbestos surveys) to verify that regulatory compliance is maintained and that our customers are left with the ability to make informed decisions. Precision has a recognized reputation of supplying professional services on time and within budget.

Our promise to provide fast and quality services with competitive pricing has produced lifetime relationships with our existing customers. We look forward to achieving each of your project goals and deadlines.

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Plano, TX Environmental Services

Asbestos Services

Texas Senate Bill 509, passed in 2001, requires municipalities to verify that an asbestos survey has been performed prior to performing renovation or demolition projects.

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Air Monitoring

Precision will perform a preliminary indoor air-quality assessment / mold assessment to identify potential indoor air quality issues within the building or residence.

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Site Assessments

Precision Environmental Services performs Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments. If warranted, recommendations will be provided for further investigation.

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Precision Environmental Services offers asbestos inspections, asbestos surveys, mold inspections, mold inspections, indoor air quality testing services, lead based paint inspections and Phase I & II environmental site assessments throughout Plano, Texas and the DFW Metroplex including within the following zip codes: 75010, 75013, 75023, 75024, 75025, 75074, 75075, 75082, 75093, 75094, 75252, 75287.

Asbestos Inspections and Remediation Consulting in Plano, TX

Precision Environmental Services offers asbestos inspections and surveys in Plano, Texas and around the entire DFW Metroplex. If asbestos containing materials (anything containing above 1% asbestos) will be disturbed by remodeling or demolition work in a public or commercial building, then the State of Texas requires the materials to be remediated by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor. Precision will work with your selected abatement contractor and develop project specifications for the contractor to follow during remediation. Precision will additionally provide a licensed asbestos abatement air monitoring technician / project manager for project oversight.

Mold Assessment / Inspections in Plano, TX

Precision Environmental Services offers a preliminary indoor air-quality assessment / mold assessment to identify potential indoor air quality issues within the building or residence. The assessment is carried out by a TDLR licensed Mold Assessment Consultant. If mold remediation is necessary, Precision will prepare a Mold Remediation Protocol based on the observations and assessment made by the mold assessment consultant.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections in Plano, TX

Precision Environmental Services offers lead-based paint inspections. We will provide an accredited and licensed Lead Based Paint Inspector / Risk Assessor. The inspector will visually identify suspect Lead-Based Paint (LBP) inside and outside the property. Samples will be taken using an X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer or surface (paint chip, wipe) samples to identify LBP.

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in Plano, TX

The objective of a Phase I Assessment is to collect data for your use in analyzing the level of environmental risk associated with the site/property, and to discover any potential issues which may require further investigation. If a phase I ESA identifies a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC), then a phase II might be necessary.

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